Stealth Bananas!!!
…Religious faith should give us strength and confidence, not guilt and shame. I have never understood why anyone would support a religion that shames and judges and ridicules its own members. That is abusive behavior and should not be tolerated in any setting….
…And then she said something that turned the “individual health care mandate” opponents’ argument on its head: “I’m already forced to buy health care – but it’s in the emergency room. It’s almost bankrupting me. Do these guys think that’s my choice?”…
…Indeed, conservatives used to like the idea of required purchases as an alternative to taxes, which is why the idea for the mandate originally came not from liberals but from the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation. (By the way, another pet conservative project — private accounts to replace Social Security — relies on, yes, mandatory contributions from individuals.)…

…On the morning of November 19th, a 68-year-old former marine named Kenneth Chamberlain with a heart condition accidentally pressed the button on his medical alert system while sleeping. Responding to the alert, police officers from the city of White Plains, New York, arrived at Chamberlain’s apartment in a public housing complex shortly after 5 a.m. By the time the police left the apartment, Kenneth Chamberlain was dead, shot twice in the chest by a police officer inside his home. Police gained entry to Chamberlain’s apartment only after they took his front door off its hinges. Officers first shot him with a taser, then a beanbag shotgun, and then with live ammunition….

…Kenneth Chamberlain can be heard on an audio recording of his call to the medical alert system operator saying, quote, “Please leave me alone. I’m 68 with a heart condition. Why are you doing this to me? Can you please leave me alone?” Officers allegedly responded by calling Chamberlain a racial slur while urging him to open the door….

…my father accidentally pushed his medical pendant around his neck. He could have possibly turned over on it. We don’t know. We can only speculate about that.

AMY GOODMAN: Why did he wear it?

KENNETH CHAMBERLAIN, JR.: He has a heart condition, and he also suffered from COPD. And when he—the pendant was triggered—…

…It was triggered, and the medical company—there’s a box inside his home. The medical company asked him if he was all right. They didn’t get a response. So, automatically, if you don’t get a response, they send medical services to your house. They informed the police that they are responding to a medical emergency, not a crime. And once they arrived at my father’s home, my father did tell them that he was OK. But for some reason, they wanted to gain entry into my father’s home….

…He’s saying that he’s OK. He’s saying that he did not call for them. But they were very insistent. They were banging on the door, banging on the door, banging on the door….

…At some point, the door was cracked open, because the police officers have a taser that has a camera on it, and it also has audio. So you could see where the door was cracked open. So, once you’ve gotten a visual, and you’ve seen that my father is OK, and he’s telling you that he’s OK, why would you still insist on getting into the apartment?…

…”I’m a 68-year-old man with a heart condition. Why are you doing this to me? I know what you’re going to do: you’re going to come in here, and you’re going to kill me.”…

…they say, “I don’t give a F.” And then they use the N-word. And then, as I said, ultimately, they bust down the door….

…Mr. Chamberlain didn’t have a gun. Mr. Chamberlain, when I saw the videotape, did not have a knife when he was in his apartment. You see a 68-year-old man with no shirt on and boxer shorts and his hands down at his sides. And I didn’t see any weapon in his hands there. And the other thing that’s troubling to me is the fact that a taser was used at all, because you’re there for a medical response. You’re not there investigating a criminal act. You are there with the understanding that there may be a person who needs medical assistance.

AMY GOODMAN: For a man with a heart condition, no less.

MAYO BARTLETT: Absolutely. And so, if you understand that, to use a taser, which is going to send significant electricity through that person’s body, would be, at best, reckless. And that alone could cause his death. And the thing that’s extremely troubling to me is that, again, the police were not there to respond to criminal activity. They went to the gentleman’s house at 5:00 in the morning to give him assistance. The only reason that he had the LifeAid pendant to begin with was so that his family and that he would be comfortable that if something was to occur, he would be able to get assistance….

…the initial news coverage around the killing of Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. The headline on the News 12 website read, quote, “Officer fatally shoots hatchet-wielding man.” website posted an article titled “Police Fatally Shoot Disturbed Man Carrying Knife.” The story begins, quote, “White Plains police say an officer discharged two rounds, fatally shooting an emotionally disturbed White Plains man who attempted to bar officers from entering his apartment with a hatchet and then turned towards police with a butcher’s knife.”…

…Mr. Chamberlain wasn’t attacking anyone. He was in his home. This idea that they—he attacked anyone with a hatchet is, frankly, a lie. That’s what it is. It’s a cover story to cover up what they’ve done here….

…Another officer who was present had a full head-to-toe body shield that could stop bullets. And rather than secure the situation—let’s assume for the sake of this discussion that they had a right to see him to make sure he was OK. OK, so the door is open. You see him there. Why are you entering his apartment? It’s kind of like Zimmerman. You provoke a situation, then you respond to it, “Oh, I had to use deadly force to protect myself.” No, you provoked the situation. You had no right to cross that man’s threshold in his home. That’s what led to the problem….

…A police officer arrested Brown for trespassing. He wheeled her out in handcuffs after a doctor said she was healthy enough to be locked up.

Brown was 29. A mother who had lost custody of two children. Homeless. On Medicaid. And, an autopsy later revealed, dying from blood clots that started in her legs, then lodged in her lungs.

She told officers she couldn’t get out of the police car, so they dragged her by her arms into the station. They left her lying on the concrete floor of a jail cell, moaning and struggling to breathe. Just 15 minutes later, a jail worker found her cold to the touch.

Officers suspected Brown was using drugs. Autopsy results showed she had no drugs in her system….

…Despite manufacturers’ coded claims that multivitamins ward off chronic illness…a large 2009 study of postmenopausal women published in Archives of Internal Medicine found that multis didn’t protect against any of the diseases studied, including heart disease and lung, breast, and colon cancer. A 2011 study involving nearly 39,000 women reached similar conclusions.

What’s more, if you’re the kind of person who takes a multi you may literally be pissing away your hard-earned dollars. According to another oft-cited study, typical vitamin users are more likely than nonusers to get their quota from food alone. And with so many fortified products crowding supermarket shelves, it’s not hard to exceed recommended daily limits for certain vitamins and minerals. In some cases, that can be dangerous. Several studies link excessive folic acid intake—the amount you might get from popping a multi and eating two bowls of Total—with lesions that can lead to colorectal cancers. For seniors, who usually get all the iron they need from fortified rice, cereals, and sliced breads, a multi with iron can increase the risk of heart disease. And pregnant women who pop standard multis containing the retinol form of vitamin A may boost the likelihood of birth defects. (Prenatal vitamins are formulated to be very low in retinol.)…

…Whether your child has sex at 12 or waits until 30, this vaccine can help prevent him or her from getting cancer or causing cancer in someone else. That’s pretty great, if you think about it. Imagine if there were a vaccine against breast cancer — you’d want your child to get that, right?…
2012 Republicans: Recreational Sex Is Bad

This is what they’ve chosen to double down on … . . & frankly, that makes me happy. This is what they want to be remembered for, so be it.

Some suggested mottoes:

Only 6 sex acts per person per lifetime.

We’re watching you, & we know what nasty sluts you all are.

No sex for you…& you…& you…

Sex is destroying this country.

Repro-sex is the only sex worth supporting.

I could go on & on & on . .. ..

…Nationally, every dollar spent on family planning saves $3 in Medicaid costs….

See, here’s the thing about that stupid aspirin-between-the-knees canard: it doesn’t prevent penile-vaginal intercourse. Do these yucksters really truly only ever have missionary position sex? Do they never spoon? Do they realize that that archaic quip only makes them look even more out of touch with reality than their overall ideas do?

"…Limbaugh stood by his statements Friday, even mocking Obama’s phone call, and noted that he had offered to “buy all of the women at Georgetown University as much aspirin to put between their knees as they want,” a revival of a comment made last month by wealthy Republican Foster Friess…"

…No matter how the team sliced it, sleeping pill users had higher death rates.

"We thought maybe sleeping pills are being prescribed for sicker people, so we tried to take that out of the mix in several different ways," Langer says. "The risk was the same whichever way we looked at it….

16 year-olds are expected to be picking out lifetime careers yet can’t be trusted to know what gender they are? I’m responding to the comments rather than the article — I’m glad to hear that children are being listened to & taken seriously . .. .

…A kidney chain provides an innovative solution. Each chain begins when a Good Samaritan steps forward to donate a kidney, expecting nothing in return. For example, say the Good Samaritan donates a kidney to a patient we’ll call John. John’s wife, Mary, would have donated a kidney to her husband, but her kidney doesn’t match. So instead of donating to John, Mary “pays it forward” by donating to a second patient, Bill. Bill’s sister is willing to donate, but she doesn’t match Bill. So she instead gives her kidney to a third patient, who she does match….
…There’s some indication that co-pays serve as a barrier to using birth control. A 2011 report for the Institute of Medicine prepared by the Guttmacher Institute reveals that “average copayments in employer-sponsored insurance plans have increased considerably over the past decade to $49 in 2010 for ‘non-preferred’ brand-name drugs and $28 for brand-name drugs.” Meanwhile, “one 2009 study of low and middle-income sexually active women” showed that roughly 13% of them “said they saved money through inconsistent use of birth control.” This is why a 2007 National Business Group guide for employers calling for “coverage of the full range of contraceptive methods and sterilization services, recommends zero cost-sharing … to avoid real or perceived financial barriers, and to increase utilization.”

The Guttmacher report observes that “couples using no method of contraception” run a whopping “85% chance of an unintended pregnancy within 12 months.” Insurers that waive co-pays also avoid shelling out for complications that often accompany unplanned pregnancies, including high-risk situations such as births of successive children that are not properly spaced out, a woman who does not know she is pregnant and drinks during those crucial first months, and pre-teen girls having children….
…it’s time to admit that modest reforms to profoundly unhealthy eating habits will not rescue anyone from diabetes and obesity - even if you throw in a heaping helping of expensive pharmaceuticals….