Stealth Bananas!!!
…Whether your child has sex at 12 or waits until 30, this vaccine can help prevent him or her from getting cancer or causing cancer in someone else. That’s pretty great, if you think about it. Imagine if there were a vaccine against breast cancer — you’d want your child to get that, right?…
2012 Republicans: Recreational Sex Is Bad

This is what they’ve chosen to double down on … . . & frankly, that makes me happy. This is what they want to be remembered for, so be it.

Some suggested mottoes:

Only 6 sex acts per person per lifetime.

We’re watching you, & we know what nasty sluts you all are.

No sex for you…& you…& you…

Sex is destroying this country.

Repro-sex is the only sex worth supporting.

I could go on & on & on . .. ..

Dinosaur Sex

If there was a God, I’d thank hir for the gift of biology, most especially paleontology:


Instead I’ll just say ‘Thanks!’ to all the biologists & paleontologists & etc for all their hard work . . … :D

16 year-olds are expected to be picking out lifetime careers yet can’t be trusted to know what gender they are? I’m responding to the comments rather than the article — I’m glad to hear that children are being listened to & taken seriously . .. .